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Themba Connect is a community development centre located in the beautiful small town of Adelaide, in the Eastern Cape. We aim to see members of the Adelaide community taking responsibility for the transformation of their community by using existing local assets and adding new training, resources and guidance. By connecting people to their potential, we believe there is endless possibility for future growth.

At Themba Connect, we see the glass half full rather than half empty, identifying the potential and the promise rather than the problems. We focus on building up existing assets rather than correcting defects. We do not believe in hand-outs or doing things for people if they are capable of doing them for themselves, but rather, we walk alongside them, encouraging, and equipping them to fulfil their dreams and improve their lives and the lives of those around them.


This under-resourced community has an unemployment rate of almost 64%. They feel their needs are not being met, but wait for the government or outsiders to solve their problems, instead of attempting to do so themselves. Themba Connect seeks to shift this paradigm, through an all-inclusive development project, that aims to develop skills, build relationships and empower the community. This is our first project in the underdeveloped communities of the Eastern Cape. The model that Themba Connect uses is known as asset-based community development (ABCD) It focuses on the strengths and assets the community already has, as opposed to its known shortfalls. Often, somebody simply needs the opportunity to develop their existing potential. At Themba Connect we show them how to connect the opportunity to their potential.


At Themba Connect, we offer training and education opportunities to members of this community, thereby opening their hearts and minds to the potential to change their lives for the better. We offer training in life skills, youth development, early childhood motor skills development, prevention of gender-based violence, computer literacy, adult education and training, sustainable food gardening and sewing.


With our Food Garden Training, community members learn to plant fruit and vegetables to feed their household through different seasons, They receive a small plot to plant at Themba Connect and start their own plot at home with supplementary seedlings.

Our sewing training is popular with men and women. They learn hand- and machine-sewing, pattern cutting and garment making or repairing. When trained, they can practice their skills on our sewing machines and even produce items to sell as an income for their family.

We offer non-accredited computer skills from beginners to advanced along with refresher training, in our internet cafe. The need for help with CVs, emailing and job applications is overwhelming as no other facilities exist in the area. We have a computer support desk in our office, where we offer whatever help walk-ins need.

Once a week, we assist local crèches/educare centres with physical literacy activities to help children reach their physical development milestones.

Themba Connect also hosts the local Community College, where adults can complete a qualification equivalent to Matric through training in basic skills.

Connecting people to their potential through teaching and training.

We are Themba Connect

We connect people to their potential by providing training and educational opportunities, with a wide range of courses, from food gardening and sewing to computer and physical literacy. We also organise an annual career exhibition, a Youth Day event and a Play Day event. We are helping this rural community to reach their full potential, to empower themselves and to create the future that they want.

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When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.