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Everyone deserves a chance to learn something which will equip them for a brighter future.


Access to quality education is still a pipe dream for many South Africans. Only 50% of children who begin school in Grade R (Kindergarten) successfully make it through to their Matric (Year 12).

At the Thembalitsha Foundation, we believe education is not limited to a classroom. It is an Early Childhood Development class behind a tiny red table, with a group of little ones gathered around learning how to work together. It is an auditorium filled with resilient youth on their first day back at school, in a safe place with inspiring teachers. It is even alongside a soon-to-be mother, in a circle of chairs learning about how to best care for and support her baby in those early day so life.

We believe everyone deserves a chance to be better equipped for a brighter future.


Your gift of R250 / $20 / £10 each month, will be added to the gifts of other desk sponsors to support the work of Thembalitsha’s Education, Health and Training initiatives.  Our team of highly skilled educators, counsellors and trainers will make sure that your donation will have the greatest impact.



The Thembalitsha team will be in contact with you throughout the year via email, newsletters and social media to update you on the progress of our Health, Education and Training initiatives. You will hear about real learners who have benefitted from your monthly gift! We want you to know at first hand the difference your donation is making.

$10 – can feed 8 learners a day
$25 – can provide monthly school fees & stationery for a learner
$50 – can provide workshop fees for 2 training participants in the sewing programme
$240 – can provide a year’s worth of school fees for a learner


All gifts are tax-deductible (South Africa, US and UK) and our team will ensure you have proper documentation of each year’s donations. 

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When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.