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Situated in a beautiful building called Yethemba Place, in the industrial area of Gants Centre and close to the N2, Themba Training is dedicated to empowering surrounding communities.

Our team of skilled staff, consultants, contractors and volunteers equip people in the local community to earn an income through skills training. Once trained, we assist and encourage them to use these skills to support their families by opening a small business or getting a job in the formal or informal economy.


We offer training workshops and courses on a continuous basis. These include basic, intermediate and advanced training in sewing, basic computer skills, financial, business and relevant life skills, and handcrafts. Some students even train to be baristas. All of them gain practical skills which give them the chance to earn an income. We also encourage them to use our facilities to further improve their skills and selected local entrepreneurs can sell their products in our shop in Yethemba Place. Our in-house coffee shop is a great meeting place for people from all walks of life, building a bridge between formal and informal communities, different cultures and different backgrounds.


South Africa’s official unemployment rate in the first quarter of 2023 was 32,9% and remains the highest in the world (Stats SA). Accessible and appropriate education and training has been identified as one of our nation’s greatest needs. This is certainly true for the indigent informal settlements of the Western Cape that we serve. We provide practical workplace skills development which can lead to employment and give local people hope of a better life.


At Yethemba Place, we come alongside individuals who wish to learn more about business basics. While our trainees learn generic business-related skills in our workshops, most of their progress will be alongside individual mentors, with whom they can discuss potential next steps, or be linked into an ever- increasing network of businesses, community leaders or other training providers in our local area.
Local businesses can contribute by making use of our space, or by making donations of time, money or experience, thereby helping us to build strong communities – one individual at a time.

*Fun fact: at Yethemba’s gift shop, we sell selected local entrepreneurs’ products. This provides them not only with exposure & practical business training, but also with an income.


Students can learn how to use a computer – whether from scratch or by building on a basic knowledge. Our courses are geared to individuals to learn at their own pace, without feeling lost, left behind or intimidated by large groups, preconceived ideas, or difficult language.

*Our trainees and fellow community members may also use our computers or the hot desk spaces in our small Computer Café to do research, create their business flyers, business cards, etc. or apply for online vacancies.


Our two sewing courses are short and cost-effective and are aimed at individuals with very little or no previous sewing experience. Our trainees gain a practical skill that they can start using from day one.

*Once they are trained, they can use one of our sewing desk spaces to start their own small sewing business.


In collaboration with our Yethemba Coffee shop and our baristas and other service providers, we can help you officially to join the coffee culture and build community at the same time!

*Have your friendly catch-up and business meetings here at Yethemba’s Coffee shop and support our local entrepreneurs by savouring some of their freshly brewed coffee and locally-baked ‘eats’.


Sewing support groups, Sewing workshop, Life skills workshops, and more!

Together we build better.

We are Themba Training

Themba Training serves communities in the Helderberg area. We equip individuals in local impoverished communities with the skills they need to get work by basic skills training. These may be practical skills, or related business and life skills. Themba Training takes hands with other local businesses and NPC's that offer skills that Themba Training does not, in order to give each of our adult students a step up onto their chosen path. They can use the skills they have learned to become small business owners or to enter the formal or informal job market, empowered by their training to support their families.

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When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.