Themba Training

Themba Training

Empowering communities through social entrepreneurship.

Train & Equip

Themba Training

Themba Training serves a number of communities in the Helderberg area. We equip individuals in the local impoverished communities with the necessary skills to gain access to income generation activities by offering basic skills training. Beneficiaries are equipped with practical skills that include relevant hand crafts skills, as well as related business and life skills. Themba Training takes hands with other local businesses and NPC's that offer skills that Themba Training does not offer, in order to give each individual a step up onto their chosen path. Equipped individuals may then use these skills to become small business owners or enter the formal or informal job market, thereby being empowered to support their families.


Accessible and appropriate education and training have been identified as one of the great needs in South Africa, and that is certainly true for the poor informal settlements of the Western Cape. We utilise Practical and Workplace Skills Development to give hope of a better life to vulnerable individuals in our community.



Providing regular modular courses in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Sewing Skills. These provide individuals with an opportunity to learn a skill that can lead to an income. We encourage those who attend the sewing courses to also enroll in our Sewing Start Up training, allowing them to integrate their practical skills with business knowledge.

Themba Training aims to remain informed regarding the local community’s training needs, in order for us to develop and facilitate relevant training courses in other industries accordingly. Courses are developed that enable men and women of the local communities to offer quality products or services. Participants are trained in the practical skills of sourcing materials, planning and producing products then guided to ensure that a high-quality product is delivered for sale.


Practical workshops offered to those who wish to start their own sewing businesses. This workshop is designed to empower trainees with, amongst others: basic marketing, costing, budgeting, stock controlling skills, to be able to set up their own micro-businesses.

We furthermore host a satellite training space in the Zola community in order to provide those who wish to further their skills, access to sewing machines, and support. This enables those who want to start a sewing business, gain capital to acquire their own machine if they wish to. We furthermore provide fabric pieces and other accessories at very reasonable prices to further empower those in the communities to start with only minimal capital input.

We sell products in our online shop directly to the public, gaining an income to support our project while providing continuous exposure and training opportunities to our small sewing team.
In this shop we also provide a ‘selling space’ to those beneficiaries that provide selected high quality products, providing them with exposure to customers who wish to support them, as well as guidance in their small businesses.

TT offers local small businesses and corporations with a sewing service, producing their own products at a reasonable price. This enables the local business owners to scale their own businesses and provides an income and more training opportunities to the sewing team members at TT.

When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.