YeThemba Place forms part of a bigger whole – the Thembalitsha Foundation – an NPC who has been offering hope through Education, Health and Training for over 26 years.



Yethemba Place is a place where Hope, Dignity & Empowerment fills the air and locals collaborate.

It is a place where all members of the local community can come together to learn and give of ourselves. Where we believe in tomorrow, in celebrating differences, in restoration and reconciliation, and in the value of time spent face to face with individuals


Learning a new basic skill in order to grow as an individual or gain access to better income streams, should not be an impossible farfetched idea where time, language and finance stand in the way.

Start your journey towards hope, empowerment and dignity by joining us in one of the opportunities below:


At Yethemba place we make it our daily task to host a space where all members of the local communities of Somerset West, Strand, Nomzamo, Lwandle, Sir Lowry’s pass and others can come together to access grassroots practical skills training courses and resources.

We provide training in 5 areas and link with other local businesses and training providers when needed to best help the individuals whom we serve. Together we build better.

Join us on our mission to practically empower our local community one individual at a time:

  • Support our gift and coffee shop,
  • Sponsor a training desk
  • Donate your time, knowledge, network and other resources in one of our training funnels.

Sewing production services:

Coffee & Gift Shop

Woodwork Training

Hotdesking & Internet Cafe


Our 2 Sewing courses are aimed towards individuals that have very little to no previous sewing experience, and are kept short and cost effective. This enables our trainees to gain access to a practical skill that they can start using from day one.

*Once individuals are trained, they may opt to use one of our sewing hotdesking spaces to start their own small sewing business.


Collaborating with a local Woodworking NGO, we provide basic woodworking courses that would enable our trainees to design and build basic wooden furniture. Choose between 2 courses and start building our own future!

*Should trainees wish to access a messy working space to use in starting, building their own micro business, they can opt to use one of 2 desks in our workshop area for a nominal daily fee.


In collaboration with our Yethemba Coffee shop baristas and other service providers, we can help you officially join the coffee culture and build community at the same time!

*Have your friendly catch-up and business meetings here at Yethemba’s Coffee shop and support our local entrepreneurs by savouring some of their freshly brewed coffee and locally baked ‘eats’.


At Yethemba Place we come alongside individuals who wish to learn more about the business basics. While we host generic business related skills workshops to join, most of this journey will be alongside individuals: discussing potential next steps, empowering with basic business skills training, or linking them with an ever increasing network of businesses, community leaders or other training providers in our local area.
Local businesses can take our hands by making use of our space, or by making donations of time, money or experience and thereby helping us to build strong communties – one individual at a time.

*Fun fact: at Yethemba’s gift shop, we sell selected local entrepreneurs’ products. This provides them not only with exposure & practical business training, but also with an income.


Learn how to use a computer – from scratch or finessing the basics- we’ve got your covered. Our courses are set up for individuals to learn at their own pace, without feeling lost, left behind or intimidated by large groups, preconceived ideas, or difficult language.

*Our trainees and fellow community members may also make use of our computers or hot desk space to do research, build their business’ flyers, business cards, etc or apply for online vacancies from within our small Computer Café.


Sewing support groups  |  Sewing workshop  |  Life skills workshops
And more…

Make a difference

Sponsor A Desk

Did you know that you can change a life with only R250/$20/£10 a month. Join the Thembalitsha Foundation in restoring hope and transforming lives by sponsoring a desk for our Health, Education and Training initiatives.

National school retention rate
School of Hope retention rate
National matriculate pass rate
School of Hope matriculate pass rate
Together we build better.

We are Themba Training

Themba Training serves a number of communities in the Helderberg area. We equip individuals in the local impoverished communities with the necessary skills to gain access to income generation activities by offering basic skills training. Beneficiaries are equipped with practical skills that include relevant hand crafts skills, as well as related business and life skills. Themba Training takes hands with other local businesses and NPC's that offer skills that Themba Training does not offer, in order to give each individual a step up onto their chosen path. Equipped individuals may then use these skills to become small business owners or enter the formal or informal job market, thereby being empowered to support their families.

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When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.