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Thembani Educare is situated in the peri-urban area of Grabouw on a large, beautiful piece of land with an architect designed school building. Thembani meets a critical community need – providing essential early childhood development for children who would otherwise not receive adequate foundation essentials in education. Thembani caters for the children of seasonal farm workers on surrounding fruit farms as well as children of day hospital staff and police officers.

Established in 2019 as a partnership between Thembalitsha and a local trust, Thembani brings hope to children between 3 and 6 years of age by providing them with an early start for a brighter future in a top class environment. Thembani accommodates 85 children per year.

Thembani also offers a training facility to empower and strengthen the capacity of teachers and caretakers of pre-school children in Grabouw.

To date, Thembani has provided a brighter future to just under 500 children in Grabouw and prepared them for their next educational journey to primary school.


Every child deserves a solid educational foundation. Research has shown that children who attend two years of pre-school have a greater chance of completing their twelfth year of school successfully.

In an extensive community survey conducted in 2018 in Grabouw, over 500 children were identified as not having access to pre-school education and many were roaming the streets while parents were working on surrounding fruit farms. Government officials working in Grabouw could not find a suitable and safe place for their children.

At Thembani we empower them with greater hope and aspirations for the future. Our approach focuses on every aspects of a child’s development, from emotional to social, spiritual , cognitive and physical, as well as sensory and communicative skills. With this approach, which is in line with the relevant South African legislation and the requirements of the World Health Organisation, we can contribute to shaping healthy, well-balanced individuals.


Thembani offers a holistic approach to education, focusing on the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual key areas of development. Our skilled and qualified staff, together with our curriculum, meet all the requirements of the Department of Social Development.

With four classrooms, a well-equipped outside play area, a fully functioning kitchen, an official vehicle and our own food tunnel, Thembani provides everything a young developing mind might need.

Since opening its doors in January 2019 with only 7 learners, Thembani now accommodates up to 85 learners,, inclusive of a Grade R class established in 2021 to address the overcrowding of Grade R classrooms in the community.

As malnutrition is also called “the slow violence” against our children, all children receive two nutritional meals per day, with a healthy snack in between meals. Embracing a holistic learning environment this centre boasts a vegetable garden with the product being used in their nutrition programme.

Providing education and loving care.

We are Thembani Educare

Thembani was established to address the lack of educational facilities for preschool children in Grabouw and to decrease the number of children roaming the streets while parents are at work. Thembani has a training facility, 4 classrooms and a beautiful play area, providing children with an early start to a better future.

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When translated from Xhosa, our name “Thembalitsha” means “new hope”.

Our Aim

At Thembalitsha, we aim to restore and bring a new sense of hope to the destitute, forgotten and vulnerable people of the Western and Eastern Cape.